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Thickshake. Specifically referring to the range of delicious shakes served at the store 'Joocy Bite'.
"Dude, you gonna grab a Thickie from the bite?"
by Pesos February 27, 2008
1. A derogatory term. (originating at ADHS)

2. A phrase used to describe something something unfavorable or strongly disliked.
1. 'Connor licks the nutty'


2. "Hey, what did you think of Simple Plan?"
"They're shit man . They lick the nutty."
by Pesos February 27, 2008
Hypothetical 'skates' used in a situation where one must hurry.
To ask some one to put on their jimmy skates, is to ask them to hurry up.
"Get your skates. Get em on. Get ya Jimmy Skates."
by pesos February 28, 2008
A term of strong endearment.

It pays respect to all life on earth.
"Hey man wassup?"
"Peace between dwarves and elves"
"Too right my brother"
by Pesos February 27, 2008
The term dilligas used out of context, in an exclaimed manner.

To say 'do i look like i give a shit', when really, you probably do give a shit. Dayamn!
"Shit son, Proctor's gay!"
"Dilligas, I Knew he was hitting on all the well buff men!?
.... "Dilligas, you betta whatch out then dude"
"oh, dilli!!!!"
by pesos March 02, 2008

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