Four dancing, outrageously flamboyant millionaire Australian pedophiles/faggots who you wish painful death upon when you see, and wonder why they are allowed to be seen by children, but more, you wonder what dumbfuck parent takes their kids to see the wiggles, OR what retarded kid WANTS to watch the Wiggles. If you think Barney is bad, you ain't seen anything. This show has pink in every scene. These guys SCREAM homosexuality, and the people who think its "oh it's just what makes kids happy" ARE GAY TOO. AND Stupid. Most likely picks up on tons of hot, single moms too (Hey, they probably dig the mommy ass just as much, most faggots do), and makes millions of dollars writing songs with lyrics like "Do the Monkey!" when a kid in a Monkey Suit comes out, on a neverending quest to put subliminal sexual ideas in children's minds, while you slave away for your food.
Don't you idiots understand, the Wiggles are damned pedophiles!! They are there to encourage children to act like them!!! When the part of the "Children's version" comes on, they ACT JUST LIKE THEM!!! The animated dancing Mexicans part is trying to promote homosexuality!! Wake the fuck up! If you can't see it blatantly, you're retarded.
by exposerofpedos July 28, 2008
A group of very gay australian men who seem to entertain the hell out of toddlers and infants. they wear bright, vibrant shirts and most likely butt fuck eachother allll niiiight looooong.
Those Wiggles are like crack for toddlers!
by Stuart April 17, 2005
An Aussie preschool band that started in 1991. They made a breakthrough hit in the US after airing on the Disney Channel in 2002, five times daily. They have written and sung songs, such as, 'Hot Potato', 'Rock A Bye Your Bear' and 'Do the Propeller!'
"Have your heard of the Aussie band The Wiggles?"
by jmo2004 April 10, 2016
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