A greatly deplorable group of homosexual males attempting to entertain young infants while wearing brightly colored fashionably impaired attire, but instead succeed in expanding the gay population and scaring the hell out of innocent children by associating with plaid sea life and extinct animals who own rose gardens. The do a form of "singing" which surprisingly resembles that of bjork.
1.The Wiggles scare the shit out of me.
2. You are gayer then the wiggles, wait, that isnt possible
3. Yo mama look like the wiggles (oooooohh)
by Ellene and Katie January 01, 2004
The Wiggles (the- wig-gles)- Very entertaning group of VERY sexy men that sing incredably gay songs about potatoe salad and things like that. They are shown on The Disney channel (check your local listings for times).
The Wiggles in the best show EVER!!
by Marcy M. May 19, 2005
The wiggles are an Australian children's entertainment group who were first a rock band The Cockroaches. It has been said many times that they are gay. Jeff maybe, but in general, no they are not as far as I know.

For those of you who insist on this you are probably just jealous of their success and pissed you did not think of it first. Don't take the fears you have because of your own (American) children's entertainers like Pee-Wee Herman, and Mr Rogers, whom have been proved to be pedophiles and slander an Australian Icon.

I saw a survey once that said 50% of married American men have had homosexual relations. If you add the number of outed homos in the US to that, it means 1 in every 2.5 men are gay.

All I can say is grow up and get out of the closet you fags.
American wiggle brasher <-- GAY
"The Wiggles" <-- Entertainers
by wiggle fan January 25, 2009
Four homosexual cretins whose names are generally forgotten by humans over two foot three inches.
In an instant, Palmer's life flashed before his eyes. Regrets, he'd had a few. But then again, too few to mention. His first regret was that in a hypomanic state preparing his assault team for combat, he had forgotten to put on his black combat boots. Instead, he was lying on the ground, dieing in his ‘The Wiggles’ socks. Secondly, he had never shared his seed with the one love of his life, Nagem.
by Typus May 31, 2005
A dangerously gay group of australian men who, for some reason, have a show that is strangely funny and appealing to 1-3 year old children. Now they make millions of dollars. gay
Damn, the wiggles are on again.
Jesus, he is gayer than all of the wiggles put together. And that's hard.
The wiggles are speedballs for small children.
by Stuart's friend April 19, 2005
The Wiggles is a band of four very energetic Australian men who seem to market themselves as The Monkees for children. On their television show, they sing songs and go on adventures, all while staying extremely cheerful. In fact, these guys are so peppy that it irritates most people over the age of six. The four are: Anthony, who wears a blue skivvie, Greg (yellow), Jeff (purple), and Murray (red). They also have a few friends: Dorothy, a green dinosaur who tends a rose garden (?!), Henry, an octopus who for some reason wears a plaid shirt, Wags, a dog, and Captain Feathersword, the friendly (and extremely gay) pirate who, yes, has a feather for a sword. The Wiggles started out as a "feel good r & b" group called the Cockroaches, and apparently something went horribly wrong. The Wiggles have also put out CDs for children and have made millions doing so. Whether or not the Wiggles themselves are homosexuals is not certain, but it seems quite obvious, seeing how, on the show, they are always together and live in the same house. Strangely enough, one of their songs, "Hot Potato", appeared on an American car commercial, and Steve Irwin has appeared on one of their records, causing a weirdness clash of amazing proportions.
Wow, that guy is way too cheerful, dresses in loud colors, and seems so gay that it's frightening. He must be the fifth Wiggle.
by Steve Kress July 09, 2005
Four dancing, outrageously flamboyant millionaire Australian pedophiles/faggots who you wish painful death upon when you see, and wonder why they are allowed to be seen by children, but more, you wonder what dumbfuck parent takes their kids to see the wiggles, OR what retarded kid WANTS to watch the Wiggles. If you think Barney is bad, you ain't seen anything. This show has pink in every scene. These guys SCREAM homosexuality, and the people who think its "oh it's just what makes kids happy" ARE GAY TOO. AND Stupid. Most likely picks up on tons of hot, single moms too (Hey, they probably dig the mommy ass just as much, most faggots do), and makes millions of dollars writing songs with lyrics like "Do the Monkey!" when a kid in a Monkey Suit comes out, on a neverending quest to put subliminal sexual ideas in children's minds, while you slave away for your food.
Don't you idiots understand, the Wiggles are damned pedophiles!! They are there to encourage children to act like them!!! When the part of the "Children's version" comes on, they ACT JUST LIKE THEM!!! The animated dancing Mexicans part is trying to promote homosexuality!! Wake the fuck up! If you can't see it blatantly, you're retarded.
by exposerofpedos July 28, 2008

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