Another name for the word jealousy. This word can also be used by your girlfriends ex boyfriend when he becomes insanely jealous of you.
Ex boyfriend: Your boyfriend acts like he's the shit!

Girlfriend: Maybe because he is!
by MxOxB September 03, 2008
One who is both awesome and rather iresponsible/lazy/bitchy. Most people have a cousin (doesn't have to be a first cousin, can be 2nd, 3rd, etc)or weird Uncle who fits this description. A person who is simply The Shit. They do nothing but bitch (or becth as Kelly would say) and complain, but there is just something about them that makes them so wicked sweet that they are most definitely The Shit.
My cousin Joycelyn: Who is The Shit?

Me: Joycelyn is The Shit!
The best. Really fuckin ill. See The Ill Punandy.
Yo, Lamb of God is the shit!
by Wyatt b quiet December 15, 2003
Hand ball table tennis. The coolest game ever! Played by local people at my high school during lunch. :) this game is The SHIT!
Handball table tennis is the shit!
by Mikki Mouse May 29, 2005
A person or thing that is really cool. i.e. Michael DeLatin
Michael DeLatin is the shit!
by Daniel Morgan December 14, 2004
Meaning something great or good; IE dope, cool, phat, etc....
The weed we smoked last night was THE SHIT!
by AC February 22, 2004
1. Vindaloo + edibility
2. Bad, a ruder version of "down in the dumps"
3. AOL
Dude, that vindaloo gave me the shits!


Argh, Mellanie dumped me, and now I'm feeling the shits from losing her...


Peter: Hey Micheal, the shits sent us another frisbee in the mail today!

Micheal: Great! Let's go play with it in the garden, then add it to our other two thousand free discus! Thanks AOL!
by (>'.')> Nick Bull <('.'<) August 23, 2006

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