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Expression said to people who state the obvious.
No shit, Captain Obvious!
by Patti July 12, 2003
A man who is morally loose, short for "rake-hell". It's an old slang, goes back to Elizabethan times or earlier I think.
There's a series of paintings called "the Rake's Progress", which shows a young man's descent into depravity.
"A new broom sweeps clean, but you can have more fun with an old rake." That one is from an "adult" fortune cookie.
by Patti February 10, 2004
A word that once linked 2 friends but now means nothing. Now it is a word that when said, expresses pure ahte for Jenna.
SQWEE! I hate Jenna so sqweeing much!
by Patti July 11, 2003
Dan and Patti
Dan and Patti are couterparts because Dan said so.
by Patti July 11, 2003
Something, more powerful than God, Able to change people's emotions, that Jenna won't give Patti the whole definition for.
Jenna- "I am the almighty God Modder. Everyone loves me, and if they don't, I'll make them :)"
by Patti July 06, 2003
Comes from Stephen King's book, Dreamcatcher. Humans who eat the alien virus call "byrus" grow an alien weasel in their bowles and when it gets too big it bursts out of their butt.
"Mcarthy's lower midsection was covered in blood as the shit-weasel came out"
by Patti March 01, 2005
The best Emo band out there.
I'm going to the Warped tour with TBS and BRAND NEW!
by Patti July 12, 2003

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