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The best. This word is very interesting. The important part of it is without THE, an entirely different meaning applies. My teacher is shit= bad teacher. My teacher is THE shit = greatest teacher
My car is the SHIT
by Andrewsky March 04, 2003
Diarrhea with such a ferocity so you don't want to know about it.
After I ate my brothers old cookies, my ass switched to Defcon One at contact with the shits and I crapped myself while running down the stairs to the shit-station.
by Ali. S February 21, 2007
James Baker
James Baker from KU is the shit.
by The Lord say's November 21, 2010
The best of the best; something of top quality.

Not to be confused with shit, which is low-quality. Worst of the worst.
This TV show is the shit!

Tom's new car is the shit!

Basketball's the shit!
by Lucio Soph November 06, 2010
The best - a very interesting phrase as the word THE is the most significant since without it a different meaning applies.
This beat is the shit! = This song is of high quality!
This beat is shit! = This song is of poor quality!
Imma be the shit baby, check me out!! = I am going to be the best Mina, check me out!!
by Thomo9 November 09, 2009
"the shit" is good or bad :it depends on the words around "the shit" so it can be the greatest or the worst.
also :"the" and "shit" can be connected by a value-adding subword like the GOOD shit or the SMELLY shit,thus automatically will change meanings...---->further info in eddy murphy's RAW (schoolexamples of urban language)
youre givin'me the same shit again?the shit youve been givin me 4 years now?
ill beat the shit out of you!!
i wont give the shit to you!(you'll smoke it all..
im the shit!
i have just accomplished ....THE SHIT!!!
pass me the shit ...i wanna get smoked..
by dWAASJE January 31, 2006
the most awesome. when an object or person is the bees knees it is "the shit"

most commonly used by:
asian pimps

black hoods

white nerd wanabees
Luna: owls scare me
Nessa: what are you talking about? owls are the shit
Luna: yeah your'e right. wait! your'e not black!
Nessa: yes but i'm an asian pimp
Luna: whoa...
by kewl!!sux00 December 30, 2010
Vietnam, man. Or 'Nam.
I was in the shit. That's where I learned about shooting the good shit.
by Vinchenzyo April 29, 2008

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