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I'll fuck you. Only know the meaning if you say it out loud. Used to get past filters and to be smart.
Hey ma'am can you give this to your daughter:

Hey Nicole,
see you later
by AlphaQ January 07, 2006
How many times Al Pacino said fuck in Scarface. The reason Blink 182 put that in their name.
Oh I finally get blink 182
by AlphaQ January 07, 2006
The best. What everyone is talking about. What everyone is afraid of.
Tristan's jam was the shit.

Ayo, this chron is the shit freshy was runnin' bout.

Emilio wasn't afraid of shit, he didn't run away from shit, cuz he was the shit.
by AlphaQ January 13, 2006
Short for BMW
Mostly used in rap songs.
"Officer Bird's on his way, and I don't wanna see him
could you please give me the keys to the BM?
See, I didn't want to gank you
but don't make me bank you, thank you
Tried to get yo the hood, and you might guess
that a fool like me woulda shot Cyrus
Incognito, Ghetto Eagle
Saying, "Fuck, where did he go?"
I bust me a left from Rubellon. Park
The 735 and I'm bailin"

ghetto bird - ice tea
by AlphaQ May 08, 2006

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