A grafiti artist in los Angeles, His work can be seen on the cover of rage against machines The battle for los angeles.
Yo did you see the phantoms throw ups
by G00000000000Gle bob October 29, 2006
When your having sex with someone in a doggy style position, and you spit on their back (to make them think you came) so the reciever turns around as the you pull out and cum all over there face.
I am going to give brad a phantom.
by cameron May 08, 2004
When someone is performing oral sex, their partner, the one receiving lets out a silent but deadlyfart as they're about to cum and holds the performing artist's head down, keeping their junk in their mouth forcing their partner to breath through their nose and smell the gaseous apparition, then pulling out and ejaculating in their face to make them a white ghostly Phantom. That is the REAL Phantom... Other 'phantoms' listed on here are The Houdini, which should be finished with a TaDa!
While Jan was going down on Billy, his perfectly timed bodily functions allowed him to give Jan the Phantom.
by paulyg October 07, 2007
Spitting onto your partners back while performing intercourse "doggy style" in such a way that you make them feel as if you've ejaculated onto their back. When they turn around to look at you, blow your load in their face.
Shirley fell victim to the phantom, and found herself having a very salty, unexpected meal.
by JTB October 06, 2003
when your doing a girl in the butt and spit on her back so she turns around, thinking you busted, and you shoot it in her eye
i was doing this girl in the butt and she wouldn't stop squealing so i decided to pull a phantom on her pig ass
by pat May 06, 2004
hockin a loogie on your partners back so they think youve gone and cummed on their back and when they turn around to yell at you for cummin on their back you cum on their face!!! buahaha
ahh you came on my back you fag *turns around and gets load in face*
by assgoblin February 10, 2004
a monstrous disguise for a beautiful person
you act evil when you are not you ack like the phantom
by joestefl March 25, 2016
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