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To be fucking unstoppable, much like, well, unlike anything else. Not only are you the shit, and bullets and kung fu are inneffective (thats right, not even ninjas can touch this), but you have a skin tight suit, and when sex is wanted (and easily obtained as all that is necessary is for you to claim your prize...) you have no need for a condom. Weakness= psychic shit. Good thing you have your back up man with the pimp cane.
"I'm the juggernaut bitch! Don't you know who I am!? You must not know who I am!"

"Ah yes, now it is time for me to take my prize... it has been like forever since I've had sex. What!? Condom!? Bitch ain't you seen how tight my suit is? I'm the juggernaut bitch!

"Get outa my head Charles, I'm the fuckin' juggernaut, I feel like I'm trippin' on acid man..." *smack* 'Gotcha bitch, I told you I'ma getchou wit' my pimp cane one way or another!'
by Dr. Judge Laxidazical April 08, 2006
When you're getting head and you're about to climax, punch and knock out your partner.
Kate: Oh my! What happened to your face!?
Jane: Jeremy gave me The Juggernaut..
Kate: What an asshole!
by ballinouzgx June 02, 2010
Where you have a 9 inch or bigger dick and you go up to some one and slap them so hard that it knocks them out.
Some guy got in a argument with some girl, he got up whipped is dick out and yelled "I'm the juggernaut bitch!!!" then he slapped her with it and knocked her the fuck out!
by Trannyplus1 February 19, 2011
The most bad ass drink on the world. It was created by "Stave" and consists of Red Bull, Sobe Adrenalin, Sobe Superman, RockStar, Vodka and Everclear. It's name comes front it's browninsh color which happens to be the exact same color as "The Juggernaut." Only a true monime would drink this shit. It's only for the baddest mother fucker on the world.
"I'm bad, I'm the baddest mother fucker on the world" -The Juggernaut
"Oh my God! The Juggernaut just killed Nick! You bastard!"
-Nate Cooper
by Stave September 09, 2006
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