(noun): The act of cleaning your partner's anus with one's tongue (whether the anus is already clean or not). Perform anal sex with that partner, then ejaculate in their rectum. Pull out and follow partner to the bathroom. Watch and laugh maniacally as partner excretes ejaculate into toilet.
Girl#1: I heard Leslie got "The Works" last night.
Girl#2: Yeah, I thought I saw her walking funny today.
by lcworks December 25, 2010
Cheap ass toilet bowl cleaner found at wal-mart for about a dollar. Half of the key ingrediants in making a bottle bomb.
Example 1:Yo dude hand me that bottle of the works so I can pour it into this 2 litre.

Example 2: Jesse - Hey Erik get out and check that bottle bomb.
Erik - Opens car door .... *BOOM!*
by ErikTheBeast February 26, 2006
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