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A place where people have to go everyday to get paid. Also known as "hell".
I don't want to go to work today!
by August 17, 2003
1189 246
An overly large backside, which often causes sexual excitement in others.
Every time I look at her big booty, all I want to do is feel it smothering my face.
by August 17, 2003
260 106
A collection of cars, all of which just so happen to have left their destination at the exact SECOND that they are in the same spot as you, at the same TIME as you, illegally defying the LAW of probability. Also an old band that Steve Winwood used to play in.
Traffic is a joke, especially the bozos that insist on driving 25 in the fast lane in a 30 zone.
by August 17, 2003
130 31
1.) The center of a body of matter, usually spherical.

2.) The cause of something
We have got to get to the core of this.
by August 17, 2003
10 13
Someone weak or apathetic. (inspired by Casey Jones)
What a wafer.
by August 17, 2003
1 13
The constant weakening of the human immune system, caused by overdependence on medicine, and resulting in the discovery of "new" diseases that were really there all along.
SARS is the latest symptom of evolutionary immune disorder.
by August 17, 2003
10 234