The turtle is a sexual maneuver, described more by circumstances than by some actual physical procedure. Performing the turtle on a prepubescent child is called so because you get there before the hare (hair) did.
Jesus Quintana went to jail for performing the turtle. But nobody fucks with the Jesus!
by UCLAcrewDude November 23, 2004
Top Definition
The Turtle is It's (Pennywise) natural enemy. He, like It, is also an ancient Macroverse dweller and he vomited up our universe and possibly others while having indigestion.

Later, a few years before the Losers would return to Derry, the Turtle puked inside his shell and choked to death on a galaxy or two.
The Turtle likes to use the word "son" and gave odd advice to Bill while he was in the void the first time.
by Arc of Reason July 10, 2008
Where you are hitting a girl from the back while shes under a coffee table, her head going in and out of the other side. On a stroke sending her out of the other side you hit her over the head with a wooden spoon!
Howard Mendenjensenden had his name immortalized when he pulled off "The Turtle"
by Grafzedd September 19, 2009
A sex position that occurs when the females legs rest on the males shoulders and he leans over from on top of her, pushing her legs against her body, creating a shell over her body. The male continues to penetrate her.
"Me and Billy turtled last night; it felt so good!"

"When Billy turtles me it gets so deep"

"Hey Molly, what do you say we try the turtle tonight?"
by VickySue December 31, 2009
when you pull you sack up to your wang and it looks like a turtle
Hey tim look its the TURTLE!!!!
Ewww kevin thats nasty
by Sageums + Ginger February 15, 2007
When one decides to crouch to form a turtle like shell and spin in a circle while holding a sword of some sort.

Originated from a TJ Smith live stream of Chivalry.
While defending the king, the knights of Agatha decide to do The Turtle around their king.
by Sir Kenneth The Awesome December 13, 2012
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