Street Balla from the And1 Mixtape Tour.
The professor just crosses a whole buncha cats and jaded them all.
by hitokiri October 04, 2003
Top Definition
When a male fixes the bridge of a pair of glasses to the base of the shaft of his penis and enters an orifice of his partner.
I had a date with this dumb chick and when I took her home, I gave her The Professor.
by B.B. Mc Snatchincrack March 20, 2012
The ruse of having a guy come over to fix something, with the real intention of having sex with him. Much the same way Marianne, Ginger, Mrs. Howell, and the Skipper, used to play the Professor on the ol' TV classic Gilligan's Island.
Elaine worked the professor on Newman. She had him come over to fix her mail slot, and he delivered all over her.
by Pantaloon January 28, 2008
Riding a chick doggystyle wearing nothing but loafers and reading glasses. While upon ejaculation, yell out "that's an A+" and smack her ass with a yardstick.
Turtle: "I cannot wait to get that fenix back to the schoolhouse and show her the professor"

Barber: "Yeah, she's got that A+ talent"
by SallyBagsMcGee November 17, 2011
A drink consisting of Champagne, gin, and ginger ale, served at room temperature sometimes served with a potato chip garnish. It is believed that this drink causes an ability for the enhancement of abstract thought or "4 spatial dimensionality." This drink is to be consumed while pondering the significance of distance proportional redshift in the expanding Universe. It is a drink favored by members of the Hungarian royal family.
Crown Prince Elemer Gombos took a sip of the professor and declared his tessarect to be nothing but a singularity.
by Frank W. Dux January 02, 2007
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