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May the force be with you.
Good Luck Luke, May the Force be with you.
by hitokiri October 04, 2003
Used commonly with the famous samurai of the Bakamatsu Himura Kenshin.
Yo, you saw hitokiri battousai? Cat was flyin' at speedz 5-0 couldn't even top.
by hitokiri October 04, 2003
One of the most beautiful songs ever written, by one of the greatest guitarists alive- Eric Clapton.
If I saw you in heaven...
by hitokiri December 11, 2004
Street Balla from the And1 Mixtape Tour.
The professor just crosses a whole buncha cats and jaded them all.
by hitokiri October 04, 2003

The world will soon see...

Let the legacy continue...
S.W.G.: Life.Love.Hope
by hitokiri January 27, 2004
Love you like a bro. Only to be used in a non queer fashion.
Aiyo, homez, I'm out. Lylab.
by hitokiri October 04, 2003
Televsion show about videogames which is the new version of Extended Play. Only with a crappy co-host Morgan and Adam being stupid as ever.
Have you seen the new Xplay in which they just ramble on about how much they hate the industry?
by hitokiri October 04, 2003
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