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1.A person who thinks they are so much smarter than everyone else in the world.

2. A nerd with a giant ego.
"Whatever you say Professor."
by Leahann October 10, 2006
An act by a person that is so cheesy, it is beyond cheesiness.
" Jim is velveeta. He cries about everything! He opened his birthday card and cried!"
by Leahann October 10, 2006
Authoritative man with a large cock.
Why would she say no? After all, he was Chief Big Cock.
by Leahann October 10, 2006
The white line left around the ring finger when the wedding band is removed. Magically appears as a white skin ring when a married person is trying to disguise themselves as single.
"Yeah, I knew the bastard was married when I spotted the cheater's band"
by Leahann November 11, 2007
Semi-melted, slushy, gray, snow that is much deeper than it appears to be. You step in it, it fills your shoes, and you spend the rest of the day pissed off with cold, wet feet.
"Son of a bitch!!! I stepped in a whole freaking puddle of mush-mush!! Now my socks and shoes are soaked...screw you Jack Frost!!!"
by LeahAnn October 20, 2007
Having to piss sooo bad after consuming large amounts of alchohol, you feel like your kidneys are going to explode.
Riding home from the bar, I crossed my legs and screamed "I'm going into kidney failure!".
by Leahann October 10, 2006

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