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a video game combination of the melee attack and a shot from a shotgun or other gun with a deadly punch. Also commonly referred to as two-piecing after the destruction the victim suffers.
Fuck dude i fuckin' gave that bitch the old one two that noob got fuckin' two-pieced

oh shit, thats just embarassing
by reuven malter April 29, 2008
1. death 2. finality 3. farewell 4. termination 5. destruction 6. killing 7. elimination 8. the dumping of a mate, partner, etc. 9. often sudden defeat 10. disposal 11. riddence (often used with 'give' in all contexts)
I just gave my girlfiend the old one two by showing her the front door for good. I gave the burglar the old one two with my side-by-side shotgun and he will never invade my home again. The older boy gave his little brother the old one two in a fistfight.
by Jon64Bailey May 11, 2008
Fingering a girl in her vagina starting off with one finger, preferrably the middle finger, and then leading it to using two fingers, typically the middle and index fingers.
Damn dude, I snuck in that fine ladies room last night, and it went down. We started just hangin' but it let to the old one two. Now she's beggin' me to hang.
by Robert Saggot January 31, 2006
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