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A move in which a man, preferably a frat-star/bro-king, fingers a girl and then proceeds to stick his fingers in the girls mouth so that she may taste herself.
Last night Josh was telling me that he had some slam piece over. He was fingering her and then started to shove his fingers in her mouth. She loved it, that girl got the hoffman!
by Brobi one knobi November 05, 2009
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when hooking up with a very unattractive hoe and seeing her within the next week, and there is no possible way to avoid her. Drop something of yours and turn away, get into sprint mode while down, and when she passes run.
as she saw the beloved stud she hooked up with on new years, words were getting thrown up her throat, but she was lost for words, and as she began to regain stamina, that stud dropped his phone and pulled the hoffman, and all hope was lost. she was crushed. that ass, she give iot one more glance as she turned the corner, but left to see he was springint full speed down the hall to get delicious treats. and avoid that hiedous mask she calls her beauty
by b dwys September 03, 2007

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