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A weirdo of a woman
Simon: That jane is a Weirdette, she keeps posting poems on my facebook wall!

James: Yeah man, I told you not to accept her FR, she did it to me too!

Simon: But she was moderately attractive...
by RedSandDuster January 15, 2011
1. A woman who get's an abortion.

2. A sexual slur a woman uses while being banged by a well-endowed man.
1. Joe: "Hey did you hear your GF jenny just got an abortion?"
James: "Noooooo! James Jr. is dead! I'M GONNA KILL THAT FETUS BEATER!"
2. Jenny: "Oh Yeah Joe!!! Your penis is sooo fuckin big, ooooooh shit...I think I'm about to cum... BEAT THAT FETUS JOE... YOU FUCKING FETUS BEATER... I'm COOOOOOMING!"
Joe: "Oops... I forgot to disengage my FTL drive...."
by RedSandDuster January 01, 2011
When a man is about to jizz and experiences extreme sexual trauma, the sperm/jizz is immediately sent swimming in fear into the mans urethra causing a blockade.
Being unable to urinate or ejaculate for up to 10 hours, any man cursed with this syndrome is forced to do something productive with the rest of his day, a terrible fate indeed.
(Bob logs into chat website to meet his text sex pal jenny)

Bob667-hey babe
Jenny232-hi hunny
Bob667-miss me?
Jenny232-sure did
Bob667-got a pic yet?
Jenny232-here ya go photoshare.com/125463356

(When Bob followed the link, he saw a thin, beautiful, blonde, and big breasted woman. He commenced masturbation, and just as he jizzed the picture turned out to be a Gif image and purple waffle appeared, the extreme shock Bob and his little buddies experienced caused a severe Aneurjizzm.
by RedSandDuster May 23, 2011
A emote conveying a flirtatious or sly mood
Kim: Hey Jim...

Jim: Yeah Kim?

Kim: umm... wanna go on a date to Fudgebuckers?

Jim: sure kim = )

Kim: :S
by RedSandDuster January 18, 2011

A small ziplock of ultra-pure, ultra-rad Heroin that will kill you instantly.
Joe: Hey bro, there's a new type of Haaaairy-win on the market called "Hoffman", supposedly it's great shiz!.

Jim: Imma try it bra!.

(Later that night... **DEAD**)
by RedSandDuster February 05, 2014

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