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5 definitions by nick_pepper

literally rip someone a new asshole.
in use can be verbal abuse or a threat to actual physical harm or in some circles could be quite literal
see prison pussy
you better stop lookin at my girfriend before i have to tear you a new one
by nick_pepper October 10, 2004
a pair of queens
four tits
nick turns up his cards showing his pair of queens and says "do these two ladies look scared?"
by nick_pepper October 09, 2004
holding a jack and a king of two different suits
jack king off
going all in with two ladies is a much better feeling than jko
by nick_pepper October 09, 2004
when you have the absolute best possible hand in texas holdem
that silly mfer is so dumb hed fold the dogs bollocks if you put him all in
by nick_pepper October 09, 2004
person who always is having sex

reference to jack lemmon in "the apartment" cuz all his work buddies used his apartment to shagtheir girlfriends so the neighbors always thought he was a total man whore
so when he brought this skank he picked up at a bar on new years he told her he had a reputation as a sexpot
skank, after shes being booted from the apartment without gettin any"some lover you are, SOME SEXPOT"
by nick_pepper October 10, 2004