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n. an affectionate nickname for Ratty Room 6 in Brown University's Sharpe Refectory, where the brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi eat dinner together every Wednesday at 6 pm
Jon: "Alright, I gotta run to the lab now, need to finish a Western blot."
Dave: "Are you coming by later for a little uh...a little...Ratty action at the Seis?"
Jon: "Definitely, I'll see you there."
#ratty #brown university #sharpe refectory #ratty room 6 #alpha epsilon pi #aepi
by Railsplitter April 27, 2007
The name of a very small kitten that is not going to get bigger that is black and White. And very adorable.
Mike: Hey is that a Theseis?!?!

Whitney: Yeah!
#cat #kitten #animal #name #female
by RockMe May 11, 2009
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