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Direct descendent of the prophet Muhammad in the middle east, title of respect given to those of this blood line.
He's very religious and respectful.
He's a Seyed, he must be a great muslim.
by PersianDictionary January 11, 2013
Name or title of a respected middle eastern with a bloodline to the prophet Muhammed. In no way has anything to do with any form of Terrorist organizations, but it does tie into the Islamic religion almost hand in hand. Fierce fighters from this bloodline.
Seyed is an incredibly opinionated man, but he's so traditional.
Don't mess with a Seyed they know what's up!!
by DisNikkuh January 11, 2013
A person who has high standards, loves their hair, and could possibly be a terrorist.
Girl 1: OMG i can't believe that he didn't call me back!

Girl 2: it's okay, he's a Seyed and you probably didn't meet his high standards.

Guy 1: Dude im scared for yelling that him.

Guy 2: Why?

Guy 1: Dude he's totally a Seyed and probably put a bomb on my car!
by Shedevil123 March 08, 2010
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