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The other playable character in Tenchu 3(Other than Rikimaru and if you haven't unlocked Tesshin(?))
She's a ninja
she has a semi-tight top
and her pants show a bit of thigh
Therefore she's one sexy ninja.
"Ayame just sneaked up on that guy and slit his throat! PWN!
by Border Patrol Man October 22, 2004
A law student, a poet, an artist, a really good friend and really cute. Ayame is the person who you want as a friend.
Ayame Rocks
by Smiling_Booger March 22, 2004
A beautiful, amazing, and talented girl who likes to play online games, study law, and has interest in multiple forms of art. She loves cats, and always treats her friends well.
Friend 1:Hey, did you see Ayame online last night?
Friend 2: Oh yea, she was working on graphics at the same time!
by Izarin June 21, 2012
The true definition of sloppy. She messes EVERYONE!
Hey you seen Ayame ?

Nah, she prolly kissing on that freshman
Don't she have a BF ?
by Anonymous 😴 April 11, 2016
One of the 108 stars in Suikoden 3. She is a ninja who has little known on her past, doesn't talk too much, and wants to kill Watari. Her star type is Chikyou.
In battle, Ayame is one tough bitch if you have her equipted properly.
by lunar shadows June 21, 2004
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