Two thighs that look like a snatch. (Vagina)
Man, did you see that fat girl?
Yeah, she definitely has a Thatch.
by DexterMorgan February 08, 2011
someone who tries and fails to finger girls in movie theaters. when said failing they tend to finger the anus instead.
"dude! john pulled a t-hatch last night!"
"yeah! he fingered her ass hole!"
by modeff July 12, 2009
A peculiar bouquet of butthole hairs inadvertently left on the toilet seat where the bung typically rests.

ass hair toilet dookie Shit
OMG! Viet Doan left a thatch on the toilet seat and didn’t even bother to clean it up before I could blast a dook.
by crouching tiger, hidden viet September 14, 2010
slang term for marijuana. Derived from the mentally challanged TV character Corky Thatcher. Describes how good weed can make you feel retarded.
Do you have any thatch ? That guy is a huge thatcher.
I'm so thatched.
by thatched420 June 17, 2008
uncommon english slang use for a cigarette lighter or equipment for lighting a cigarette
has any one got a thatch i could use?
by kanerockgod January 23, 2007
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