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While having sexual intercourse, the sound made of skin smaking together, usually generated by the male pounding the female. See also thup, the lower pitched version.
Upon closer listening of the bedroom nextdoor, not only was there moaning, but a constant pulsating of "thap, thap, thap" with varying speeds, indeed Julio was pounding Sofia
by R-gonaut January 28, 2006
describes an action or person who is stupid, idiotic, or a moron. an unintelligent act or person can be described as "thappy". also in the forms of: thaps, thap, thappiness, thapping. is not intended to reference the sexual term "thap", but it kind of works (kind of like how "shit" is not always referring to feces)
1. Michael Scott on The Office is a thaps.
2. That guy everyone hates was just thapping around stirring up trouble.
3. You misspelled the word "misspell". What a thappy.
by msiejay January 02, 2011
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