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Another way of saying Sup (wassup) However with a lisp
Thup Bay
by Professor Dictionary May 30, 2003
Another term brought to the web by Kaedaq in the early 2000s.

Thup is a way of saying "Sup" or "Wassup".

Comes from the mid-90s east coast trend of pronouncing words that begin with "S"with a "Th" sound instead.
Thup my thun?
by Saeks September 16, 2009
What is up, my good friend?
by micahcf March 03, 2003
While having sexual intercourse, the sound made of skin smaking together, usually generated by the male pounding the female. See also thap, the higher pitched version
Upon closer listening of the bedroom nextdoor, not only was there moaning, but a constant pulsating of "thup, thup, thup" with varying speeds, indeed Julio was pounding Sonia.
by R-gonaut January 28, 2006
the greatest mother a kid could have!
i have a thup!
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
a mother who be crackin like hell!!
I have a Thu P. She's the bestest Thu P. evaaarrr!!
by iffy =D March 17, 2003
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