Something often done by members of the ursus family of animals. It most often includes, but is not limited to, smoking cigars, drinking wine, and eating assorted nuts and berries.
Damn! Them bears be doin' thangs!
by sneakybear October 26, 2009
abbreviation for that hoe aint no good
"yo, i just saw my mans t.h.a.n.g. in the club over there with those niggas"
"man you know that girl just aint no good "
by crizzlebizznes January 22, 2009
usually drugs down here in the dirty-dirty
yo nigga, you got them thangs?
by nigga-c August 11, 2005
A misspelling and pervasive mispronunciation of "thing" – used by African Americans, some Caribbean Americans, and several "Black wannabe" Caucasians (i.e. Eminem) as a cultural identifier.
Many examples can be found in rap music and related Urban / R&B music. "Shake that thang!"
by Symchiatric May 31, 2006
An attractive young lady with a nice, voluptuous figure.
"It's a big night tonight! It's gonna be some thangs at the spot!"
by west21345 October 03, 2009
slang for thing
"baby gurl it aint no thing!"
by Element February 20, 2003
how cool people say "thing"
im cool, so i say thang
by fshdfhdfhfghfghf December 22, 2010

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