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Famous rapper Wiz Khalifa came up with this term. TGOD stands for Taylor Gang Or Die, witch means; you either join his gang named "Taylor Gang" or go kill yourself. This can be heard mostly in his latest mix-tape "Burn After Rolling"
Wiz Khalifa: TGOD boyyyy, Taylor Gang or go kill yourself maan.
by Adam Osmand "Bowzer" February 28, 2010
1801 757

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wiz khalifa
Taylor Gang or Die. Referring to Wiz Khalifa
Wiz is the king! T.G.O.D.
by shady12 April 28, 2011
68 25
Taylor gang, originated by Wiz Khalifa. Originally meant get high, get drunk, and get money. People thought it was a real gang, that did real gang stuff. Now used by stupid white kids that think there "hood." Taylor Gang is a joke.
idiot kid: Taylor gang or kill yourself bro
smart kid: Taylor gang or shut the f*** up. queer
idiot kid: TGOD
smart kid: OFWGKTA
by yhnujm July 04, 2011
662 857
Time Gone or die. (Cabramatta 2166, NSW Australia.
Hey! TGOD!

(Hey Time Gone or die)
by ZYEH May 28, 2011
129 508