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the state during alcohol consumption of maximum enjoyment and uninhibited behavior; usually following the buzzed phase of drinking but before becoming completely trashed; a mindstate experiencing delight and cheer, there is nothing negative in this state and one is incapable of displaying malevolent behavior; originated in Minneapolis, Minnesota in 2003
Man, I was so FENT last night that I got up and toasted to Bill Brasky every 5 minutes.
by Kenny Liimatta February 27, 2004
Short for an opiate prescription medication and Schedule 2 controlled substance called Fentanyl, known to be 80 to 100 times stronger than morphine. Typically comes in 72/hr slow release transdermal patches and in instant release buccal and sublingual forms like lollypops, lozenges, etc. Typically prescribed to sufferers of cancer going through chemotherapy or individuals in hospice care. Known to cause many accidental overdose deaths due to it's extremely powerful nature.
1. "I'm trying to cop some Fent"

2. Let me get a piece of that Fent patch you holding G!
by THe_DrOP February 12, 2015
Fent, the erotic perfume which emanates from a lady's quaff when she has a wide on.
If you put a pair of used ladies underwear over the spout of a boiling kettle, the room will become filled with the alluring aroma of "fent"
by bomboclatt October 27, 2006
The odour that occurs when old people have anal sex.
"Dude, this patê smells like fent. Get it away from me."
by grey kid August 22, 2006
cOmeSz frOm gEorgiAa.... iz juz liike saying "about"
iim fent to cop a new pair of kicks
by aLLy_* January 08, 2005
The act of "fooling around" with someone. Examples of this are getting a handjob, getting a blowjob, getting fingered, etc.
After being single for a long time, Danielle wanted to fent with her new boyfriend very badly.
by Joseph Marinelli November 07, 2006
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