Titty Fuck. It means Titty Fuck.
"That brunette over there is just begging for a good TF, wouldn't you say"
by t. November 27, 2003
Twilight freak!
Jane: OMG!!! Did u c th shirt amy was wearing?!
Taylor: I kno!! She's such a tf!!!!!
by Tiffany Clevenger March 06, 2009
n. Short for "testicular fortitude", meaning balls, or ballsy.
"Hey man, tf!" - "Hey man, ballsy!"
"That takes tf, dude." - "That takes balls, dude"
by EskimoBobGuy June 10, 2004
1) Girl (who looks a bit like a man) who flirts with any guy who will talk to her, but is a closeted lesbian according to rumor. Very clingy and will date anyone who will give her the time of day including males years younger and older than her.

2)A girl who lies about everything

3)A girl who lies (I cut myself, I'm annorexic) to get people to love her.. but no one does.

Rose: omfg. That girl is flirting with my boyfriend!
McGigglez:I thought that was a guy..
Rose: Well.. maybe. It did take a glance at my chest..
McGigglez: I heard she's dating Kaleb Lee
Rose: He's in Kindergartden!
McGigglez: I know! What a TF!

TF:I'm really sad.My parents are dead, my dog just died, I cut myself, I'm annorexic, no one loves me, my adoptive parents are sending me back to the orphanage and beat me.
Rose: Did you say something?
McGigglez: Every part of that was a lie. Except the no one loves you thing. That's true
TF: *sobs*
by McGigglez February 02, 2008
root meaning is tuna fish
used to describe a hoe or whore
That girl is so skanky she's just like TF.
by ikkin January 31, 2005
Tommy Fatty
Hey TF, want some food?
by Squirch November 14, 2003
TF, stands for 'to far' comonly used to describe someone giving too much information during verbal banter.
"and then i cut him up and there was blood everywhere and brains and a liver and a right kidney and 3 thirds of a lung and thumb and 3 white bllod cells!" "TF, man! TF!"
by ho hum September 18, 2005

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