1) Girl (who looks a bit like a man) who flirts with any guy who will talk to her, but is a closeted lesbian according to rumor. Very clingy and will date anyone who will give her the time of day including males years younger and older than her.

2)A girl who lies about everything

3)A girl who lies (I cut myself, I'm annorexic) to get people to love her.. but no one does.

Rose: omfg. That girl is flirting with my boyfriend!
McGigglez:I thought that was a guy..
Rose: Well.. maybe. It did take a glance at my chest..
McGigglez: I heard she's dating Kaleb Lee
Rose: He's in Kindergartden!
McGigglez: I know! What a TF!

TF:I'm really sad.My parents are dead, my dog just died, I cut myself, I'm annorexic, no one loves me, my adoptive parents are sending me back to the orphanage and beat me.
Rose: Did you say something?
McGigglez: Every part of that was a lie. Except the no one loves you thing. That's true
TF: *sobs*
by McGigglez February 02, 2008
root meaning is tuna fish
used to describe a hoe or whore
That girl is so skanky she's just like TF.
by ikkin January 31, 2005
Tommy Fatty
Hey TF, want some food?
by Squirch November 14, 2003
TF, stands for 'to far' comonly used to describe someone giving too much information during verbal banter.
"and then i cut him up and there was blood everywhere and brains and a liver and a right kidney and 3 thirds of a lung and thumb and 3 white bllod cells!" "TF, man! TF!"
by ho hum September 18, 2005
Tom Ford
yo who the fuck invited TF here?
by bill December 16, 2003
Mot communement usee voulant dire TA FARME?

Il y a aussi des variantes tels que WTF;Wow, ta farme? ou TF.COM?
black4x: Wow j'ai un ftp sur mon ordi rofl rofl lol
nig: wtf
black4x: ??? what the fuck?
black4x: :(
by waked June 02, 2004
T F stands for "Totally Fucked" -- Pre 1970's expression that is abbreviation for a slang that could not be uttered, due to social restrictions of the time. Fuck and all its conjugations were not the common slang of pre 1970's American campuses. The word Fuck was still taboo, until later in US history, after celebrities and politicians began saying it in public.
The significance is that to say the expression TF as "Totally Fucked" was a final epithet for the situation that warranted the oath. There was at the time no lower epithet to describe your sisters' promiscuity, or the arrest record of your best friend who is now in a coma from OD of LSD.
It is similar to older yeoman remarks like: SNAFU- "systems normal all fucked up"; SOA- "Standard Operating Procedure"... and the like.
Some significance to the importance of the loss of this expression is in the written record back in the 70's of the Nixon Tapes from his Watergate SNAFU... when "expletive deleted" was bleeped out, and bracketed in the periodicals. Most readers filled in the blanks with a T F or equivalent.
Then of course Geo Carlin rambled into history as he spoke of the words one cannot utter on TV, or was that Lenny Bruce?
After we began laughing at comedians and politicians for making fuck and all its forms expletives, T F lost its valuable place depicting the lowest of conditions. >>pd
"That's T F," said LBJ to RFK right after JFK was shot dead.
by Patrick Darnell August 30, 2007

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