When a person has much to say during a texting conversation. Usually resulting in multiple, poly-page texts.
Sarah was really textative last night, she even came up with this term. She had a lot on her mind.
by TandemTuba November 28, 2010
Top Definition
To be talkative through the means of texting your friends on their cell phone.
OMG! I can't stand him anymore. He sends me like 50 texts a day. He's too textative!
by Jeff31 April 01, 2011
The equivalent to 'talkative,' except in the form of text.
"I think Brian is having a bad day, he's not as textative as he usually is."

"Hold on, got a text. Dammit, it's that chick from last night again."
"Dude, she is totally into you, look how textative she is!"
by yuudachi January 10, 2010
1. a.The action of compulsively continuing to text large amounts of information by use of various technologies.
b. texting non stop, no finger relaxation.
1. Ksenija is a textative person due to lack of a telephone.
by Edward Satterfield December 30, 2005
someone who texts a lot.
Are you okay? I haven't heard from you. You've been less textative lately.
by whatlolawants May 08, 2011
Inclined to text a great deal. As talkative is to talking, textative is to texting.
You okay? You arent very textative tonight. Short answer responses.
by miggymiss January 06, 2011
Given to text messaging a great deal or at length.
"Is that Bob again? He's being awfully textative today!"
by J. Galvez February 17, 2009
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