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When you have a mass amount of people writing Happy Birthday messages on your Facebook wall.
"Hey, did you get Jessica anything for her birthday?"
"Oh shit! It's her birthday?! I'll just sign her Facebook card, along with everyone else."

"My birthday was crappy, but at least I had my Facebook card."
by yuudachi January 05, 2010
An insecure friend that always needs constant devotion and attention to keep from flipping out and assuming the worst about your friendship. They are like significant others without benefits.
"Yeah, she's mad at me because she thinks I'm 'ignoring' her texts. My phone was dead, jeez. "
"Wow, she's a full-time friend, isn't she?"
by yuudachi April 04, 2009
(n) A type of response in which the sender types a long, formal and neat e-mail, only to get an extremely brief response.
The student, or sender's email:
Dear Professor, regarding your current work of study, I recently discovered that your field of work has been a long-time academic interest of mine. I know that you are a busy man, but would it be rude of me to inquire if there was any type of research or assistance that a student could possibly involve him or herself with? If not, I would completely understand. However, please note my current grades and classes would prove as ample evidence as to my worth.
Sincerely, John Doe (#555555555)

The professor response:
see me
by yuudachi January 10, 2011
Viewing something, usually nature-related, so intensely beautiful that you can't even capture on your camera.
Liz: Oh my god, Emerald Bay is so GREEN. ITS SO GREEN.
You: I know you're having a Double Rainbow moment but you need to calm down or you'll fall off the edge.
by yuudachi November 22, 2010
The equivalent to 'talkative,' except in the form of text.
"I think Brian is having a bad day, he's not as textative as he usually is."

"Hold on, got a text. Dammit, it's that chick from last night again."
"Dude, she is totally into you, look how textative she is!"
by yuudachi January 10, 2010
1. a girl who likes tentacles
2. Malfunctioned Yellow Car Association (MYCA) - a generous insurance company that deals purely with yellow cars of any condition or type.
"Whoa, who is that awesome chick?"
"That's Myca!"

"Man, I just crashed my awesome, yellow sports car. It's a good thing MYCA covers everything."
by yuudachi March 28, 2009
Originally a site that parodied the stories of FML (Fuck My Life), it posted boring, simple and insignificant moments in life.

However, it is now, for the most part, an anonymous Twitter where pre-teens get shits and giggles from making obvious shout-outs to their boyfriends/best friends/crush/cancer patients, stories about how clever they can be in dissing Twilight, pathetic Harry Potter jokes, and idiotic Mystery Google moments. Yeah, your life is real average.
Today, my teacher made a clever joke that was so funny that I just have to tell everyone. I have such an awesome school!!! MLIA.

Today, I was bored so I went on mystery google. I typed in " Twilight Sucks" it then came up as " for sure " , thank you mystery google for assuring me that im not the only one that doesnt like twilight =) . MLIA
by yuudachi December 04, 2009
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