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When you're texting someone, and you've been texting for so long that you eventually run out of things to say.
Jordan: 'Hey Vivian, what're you up to?'

Vivian: 'Oh, I was texting Jenni, but I think we've reached a text-end.'
by HeSaidSheSaid May 17, 2009
1. when youve been talking to someone for a while and you run out of things to say, so your conversation ends awkwardly.
2. when someone says something so un-answerable that the conversation cant go on any longer.

both should should be avoided if possible.
1. *after 5 hours*

person 1: thats gay

person 2: i know

person 1: yeah

(text end)
2. person 1: guess what?

person 2: what?

person 1: i had dirty sex with a prostitute last night, and now i have aids.
by .adgjmptw May 27, 2009
When your significant other breaks up via text message.
suzie: are you still dating ray?
emily: no, he text ended it on friday.
by emily darwin August 01, 2010
When a text-messaging distracted driver rear-ends the vehicle in front of them. Recently demonstrated by public transit drivers in San Francisco, Texas and Boston.
Did you hear about that San Francisco MUNI train driver who text-ended another train?
by jlm_one May 10, 2009

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