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1. the letters that come up if you press 1-9 on your cell phone
2. a term of frusteration when your texting converstaion has come to a text end
1. person one: .adgjmptw

person two: whats up.

(goes on)
2. *10 minutes without a text*

person one: .adgjmptw

person two: really?

(goes on)
by .adgjmptw May 27, 2009
1. when youve been talking to someone for a while and you run out of things to say, so your conversation ends awkwardly.
2. when someone says something so un-answerable that the conversation cant go on any longer.

both should should be avoided if possible.
1. *after 5 hours*

person 1: thats gay

person 2: i know

person 1: yeah

(text end)
2. person 1: guess what?

person 2: what?

person 1: i had dirty sex with a prostitute last night, and now i have aids.
by .adgjmptw May 27, 2009

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