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Denim jacket, denim jeans, often accompanied by a bolo tie and denim shirt. May include cowboy boots and/or cowboy hat.
see also: canadian tuxedo
Slim is dressed up for his birthday. Check out his Texas Tuxedo.
by pommedeterre November 03, 2005
An extraordinary amount of denim worn by someone who actually feels comfortable doing it. The shoulder to ankle attire of denim is usually accompanied by hiking boots or sales rack Nikes from JCPenney's.
Dave: No one told me it was okay to wear that much denim in one day.
Me: Aww man did Tila wear her Texas Tuxedo for dressdown day again?
Dave: I guess it's just a jean jeans kind of day.
by White C April 28, 2013
A Texas Tuxedo is when you wear a Tuxedo jacket, a Tuxedo shirt, a bow tie, jeans, and cowboy boots.
I wore a Texas Tuxedo to JSB and it was sick
by KelW January 23, 2014
a full denim ensemble; usually never matching in shades. could be a mixture of different combinations such as the ever popular denim jacket and denim capris for the ladies. Men will usually offend most with the denim button up and five pocket carpenter jeans with the loop for their hammer.
Dark denim jacket? Stone wash jeans?'s just a texas tuxedo.
by FoxyLCG June 13, 2010
A new sex move where the boy dresses up in cowboy boots, a denim shirt, and assless chaps, a ten gallon hat, and some six shooters for role playing in the bedroom. To complete the Texas Tuxedo, one must say, "Let's ride, partner" and shout yeehaw at least five times during the act of intercourse.
"Hey, do you want to do some Texas Tuxedo later tonight?" - Boyfriend
by its_me_steve January 16, 2014
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