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What penguins wear.
Hey look over there! That penguin must have the coolest Tuxedo!
by Whojadaddy March 03, 2009
379 79
Usually a formal wear used to attend fancy parties, funerals, prom and other fancy events. Often worn by men.
"Hey nice Tuxedo!"
by Apex Predator Claude January 05, 2014
6 3
To be hitting on a girl that's out of your league, or a girl who is already in a relationship with someone else.
Trent was pulling a tuxedo at the canteen today

Dave "Travis! Check out this tuxedo"

Travis: "Yeah, i can see it from over here"
by that_guy_from_over_there September 06, 2011
7 26
When having sex with a black girl in the missionary position, you pull out before ejaculating and shoot a white load up her stomach and chest, thus giving the appearance of a tuxedo.
I took this girl home last night and gave her a tuxedo!
by Cheesy Balls McGee August 31, 2006
60 254