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Tevy: a last name never known, not defined. But a tevy is a funny, amazing person you will meet. They hide pain, they always want to be happy for others, but when they are sad no one knows. A Tevy knows how to party, knows how to take jokes and knows how to laugh. A tevy hides there pain from everyone else and releases it when no one is looking. Everyone thinks a Tevy is happy, and they topically are. A Tevy will forever feel guilty about something weather they did it or not, if they were somehow involved they will feel guilty. A tevy is a last name of the woman I love, a tevy has curves, has looks that no one can beat. The beauty of a goddess. As Tevy's eyes are so gorgeous you will fall in love with her instantly. A tevy is a badass with a kind heart, innocent and pure. A tevy lies to protect and gets hurt along the way for protecting her friends. A tevy gets mad and says rude words that they later regret. A Tevy will forever stand beside you, protect you, fight and die for you, a tevy loves their family and friends forever and always. A tevy is a angle sent from God. They will forever love you.
A tevy? She/he is my best friend! I've known them forever they will do anything for anyone!
by Justsomeoneswhotherebsf August 09, 2017
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