A tetri is a unit of measurement. It is the average amount of random tetris pieces you can fit, similar to a square foot, but not similar at all actually.
"Man this house I bought is huge! It's 30493453 tetri." "Oh god damn, my house is only 5420 tetri, you son of a bitch."
by KB Homes February 20, 2009
a very good time-waster
9:00pm till my favorite show is on, I'll just play tetris till then.
by Meh February 03, 2004
2C-T-7 is known as Tetris which Alexander Shulgin the creator cites as one of his top five phentethylamines along with along with 2C-T-2(Toons), 2C-B(Butterfly),2C-E(Europa), and mescaline.
Dude I overdosed my girlfriend on tetris on Valentines Day, I gave her a fat bump of it and it burned the hell out of her nose and then she proceeded to vomit all over the plants outside while the neighbors looked at us, I had to drive her back home while I was tetrised out too(do not attempt this)
by CoasterB March 01, 2010
Moments of extreme difficulty.

Something very annoying.
"This road is so icy it's Tetris"

"That person is pure Tetris"
by dudette_colette January 12, 2010
A game created in the 1980's by Alex Pajitnov (Pazhitnov), Dmitry Pavlovsky, and Vadim Gerasimov.

The game involves forming complete lines using items of various shapes across a rectangle gaming board, while avoiding going over the top of the board.
Tetris has had many spinoffs from its popularity.
by Falconrath September 15, 2003
v.t. and i.: to put something with care or effort into a place that fits it, as when something unwieldy finally finds its place; from the popular video game by the same name
<dude> old couch finally tetrised in the house

<otherdude> i can just tetris a single tin can in this recycling box before I have to take it out
by albinpahernik August 24, 2004
To other video games as chess is to other board games; a monolith which 14 years on still stands head and shoulders above the competition and to an extent the rest of the gaming industry.

Also an addiction more potent than any drug except maybe the internet but that ain't a drug.
by Kyo Kusanagi October 03, 2003

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