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22 definitions by Falconrath

Any form of business proposal in which one pays a fee to begin, and rises up in a pyramid-like form, being given money by people under the original payer. Usually considered a hoax.

See also: Chain letter
That's a pyramid scheme! Don't fall for it!
by Falconrath October 24, 2003
227 73
A song which is a modified or new version of an original.
I prefer the old song to the new remix.
by Falconrath October 04, 2003
190 54
Name given to the man posing in the picture on goatse.cx which consists of a man ripping his posterior apart.
Aiigh! The Goatse man has blinded me!
by Falconrath August 13, 2003
181 46
Term used to describe a group of conservatives with a certain religion taking their dominance in the world of politics over anything else.
With the Religious Right in the White House, many non-theists feel threatened.
by Falconrath January 31, 2004
178 103
A group of flash movie artists whose idea was based around a Newgrounds
figure named Strawberry Clock.
Did you see that new Clock Crew movie? It ruled!
by Falconrath August 09, 2003
116 53
(Also known as Rich Site Summary) A system often used with XML
to create channels that one suscribes to and views via a news reader or other special system.
Our new RSS feed will make it easier for people to see what's up with us!
by Falconrath September 15, 2003
61 18
A false internet-based church dedicated to exposing a side of christianity most do not know.
Landover Baptist does not welcome those who are not saved
by Falconrath August 13, 2003
97 58