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The process of connecting your phone to your laptop in order to facilitate an Internet connection. Usually performed via bluetooth or USB.
John: ah crap I can't get a wifi signal on my laptop. Sorry, I can't look up that obscure Pink Floyd track on discogs.com

Bob: dude, one word - tethering.

John: dude!
by mr. duffy April 08, 2010
16 2
using your cellular phone as your computer modem.
"Did you know you can connect to the internet with your cell phone via tethering?"
by Keystr0ke September 05, 2006
58 8
The lesbian act of scissoring, with the added benefit of a double-ended dildo
I brought this hot piece back to my vagina cave for some tethering
by dynamiteroll August 15, 2010
12 2
The process of connecting an employee to a laptop in order to facilitate a greater yield in productivity. Usually performed via guilt, fear, loyalty or clause in contract of employment.
Bob: dude, why are you still working on that thing?? It's past midnight and you're on holiday in Vegas!!

John: ah crap, my company has this tethering clause in all their contracts - I have to finish this report no matter what!

Bob: dude!
by mr. duffy April 08, 2010
2 8