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Skullcap worn by some Muslims in the day to day. It isnt obligatory, but oftentimes it distinguishes you as Muslim, so people wear it.
I bought a Kufi at the Masjid for five dollahs!!
by saajid January 24, 2004
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1- Hat muslims wear when they pray.

2- A kilo of drugs (usually cocaine)...A brick, key...
"A camel is an ounce, a kufi is a brick, tell him I need 5 kufis, and meet me on the strip." Cam'ron ft. Hell Rell - War
by h4d1 May 22, 2006
A KUFI IS NOT SLANG FOR A BRICK, when hell rell says
"A camel is an ounce, a kufi is a brick"
he says before that that he gets coke from arabs and that he talks to them in codes on the phone, there for uses 2 arab thing (kufis and camels) as an example, he is not saying that a kufi is a brick of coke, because if you were speaking in code, you wouldnt just use slang
I got some A-rab's hitting me with coke
A camel is an ounce, a kufi is a brick
by GOOOOOO January 31, 2008
skull-cap worn by Muslims for prayer.
Bilal wears a kufi when he prays.
by SMS October 30, 2003
slang for, a brick of cocaine
"i need 5 kufis and meet on the strip" - dipset
by dutra July 28, 2006
The only person that makes me wish I was Australian. In time it is quite likely take Leno or Letterman off the air. Click on the comical story link.
by WillBBC February 06, 2003
1. "The Inept Ninja"
2. Poster and mod of RN Forums.
3. Me.

c.f. horrible skillz at Tenchu, Stealth Assassins on PS1. I suck at games.
"No, Kufi, there is no God Mode in Solitaire."
by Kufi February 08, 2003

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