referring to a type of pasta covered in testosterone, can be topped with estrogen sauce
(really mad guy starts yelling)

"Who ordered the testosteroni? Someone should slip him some estrogen sauce."
by ohhfiasco December 16, 2009
Top Definition
noun. penis shaped pasta
-"What did she get for a gag bachelorette party gift?"
by Yelahtrebla July 26, 2008
macaroni and cheese spiked with a large amount of physical supplements.
whoa! that girl really improved her basketball game! she mustve been eating some testosteroni


1: since when did john grow a beard?
2: he's been eating testosteroni for lunch the last two weeks
1: hmm maybe i should buy a box...
by yougetagoldstar September 15, 2009
adj. When someone has too much testosterone
Check out that guy eating five pounds of beefsteak
Yeah, he sure had a lot of testosteroni for breakfast
by English Class, 7th period October 31, 2007
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