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A description for one testicle
As i ran on the treadmill my testi brothers slapped against my sweaty groin!
by Michael Fletcher the first November 21, 2004
short form for a testimonial. Used widely by users on an online friend service called friendster when asking their friends or other members to write a short message on their profiles visible to other users containing descriptions about themselves and their relationships, or just to say hello or wish them for an occasion.
Albert: Can you give me a testi?
Ben: Alright, let me log in first.
by calV April 30, 2005

: a word used to define when a college student has multiple test in a week
: (Made more proper with an 's)
"Hey want to hang"
"Let me check my skedge"
"Can you?"
"I have Test this week"
"Oh you have testi's"
by FamilyJuls September 22, 2014

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