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\tuh-STIK-yuh-layt\, intransitive verb:
1. To make gestures or motions with one's genitals, especially while speaking or instead of speaking

transitive verb:
1. To indicate or express by gestures with one's testicles.
As a paraplegic with limited motor skills, Jim couldn't use his hands to emphasize his speech, so instead he had to testiculate. This often led to him getting arrested for public indecency, although every woman he was ever with was never unsatisfied.
by Zigfried November 12, 2007
the combination of gesticulation and testicles in a single word, gesturing towards the genital area of a masculine species
Walter decided it was a good idea to testiculate his displeasure over the situation to the cashier
by phildo the great January 03, 2014
"To bust someones balls." Giving someone a hard time.
I was just testiculating him.

MAN! I've just been testiculated for something I didn't even do.
by Gis October 29, 2005
To move one's hands and arms expressively while talking bollox.
As he got more and more drunk, he was not only loud, he was testiculating wildly.
by David Earle April 16, 2004
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