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Being sideswiped with an unexpected comment or gesture, while you're already down. Being teshed has an emotional component to the unexpected sideswipeness, unlike being "sheshed".
"When I told her I loved her, she dumped me. And then when I was crying, she kicked me in the balls."

Reply: "Wow guy you got maad teshed"
by cwiggum September 26, 2007
Being heavily under the influence of alcohol. Usually to the point of not remembering your actions.
"Where did you go last night?"

"I can't remember, i was teshed!"
by LambdaSig August 23, 2011
to be completely and utterly wankered beyond repair/ pissed/ shit-faced.

derived from the Lambda Sigma fraternity (University of Lincoln) whose main initiation task is to remove letter 'H' from the pub THE SHED, to create TESHED.
'I was so teshed last night, I went for a naked swim in the Brayford with the Chicken Cottage staff. STANDARD BANTER'
by mulz69 August 23, 2011
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