Being further from a standard; less desirable or satisfactory. Used to describe something of poor quality.

Originally derived from American musician John Tesh's last name to be used as a synonym for "bad".

Synonyms include: horseshit, crap, unpleasant, terrible, disgusting, rancid, poor, nasty, displeasing, unfavorable, uncool
Jimmy thought the difficult science test was way f*cking tesh.
by donnie vendetta January 25, 2005
Shorthand for 'teh shit', meaning the elite stuff, or the superior substance. Often used in IM services such as MSN or even MMORPG games like World Of Warcraft. The word 'teh' is a MMO l33t word for 'the', when people who type too quickly spell the word wrong. Can also be used as an adjective.
Damn that weed was tesh fool!
Hey, I just dinged my char 2 60, teh nu moovs r tesh!
That is some tesh porn.
by Gillian Simper April 12, 2007
The genre of music including, but not limited to, easy listening piano themes, starry vocals, and musical cheese.
"Bruh, your sister's jazz recital was pretty Tesh."
by Buster Hymen March 02, 2006
A discrimanating word used to insult a person of 3 or more colored origins.
Ex)That black, azn, arab biatch is a dam tesh!
by CJ Fisher October 09, 2004

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