An inaccurate euphemism used by moonbats to describe 2008 Republican voters that crossed over and voted for Hillary Clinton in states with open primaries. The reality that some states conducted these pro-choice primaries, and that this crossing over was neither illegal nor nefarious, greatly angers some libtards.

The term “terrorist” is purposely used to try and goad these voters (because of their probable support for the War on Terror). After all, accusing actual patriots (those who UNDERSTAND the difference between “dissent” and sedition and/or treason) of “'terrorist' voting” could be pretty insulting, right?

Additionally, the term “terrorist voting” is an attempt to water down and obfuscate the meaning of the word “terrorist” (as has already been done with “fascist” and “racist”). The left wing, with much intellectual dishonesty, seeks to turn the definition of “terrorist” on its head by applying the term to:

-the Israeli military
-Western governments who participate in counterterrorism
-defense contractors
-any human who takes a pro-active stance against the Religion of Peace and its RANDOM murdering of other humans in the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, India, Chechnya, Afghanistan, Iraq, Israel, Somalia, Kenya, Sudan, Egypt, Spain, France, The Netherlands, Sweden, Great Britain and New York City.

To further obfuscate things, the left wing (and their willing accomplices in the moonstream media) use euphemisms to describe the Taliban, Al-Qaeda, Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, Paleostinians, etc. as anything BUT terrorists.
Actual Patriot: When I told a libtard co-worker that I voted for Hillary, she said I was "terrorist voting."

Another Actual Patriot: Does she drink a lot of Kool-Aid?

Actual Patriot: I suppose so. In her rose colored, alternate reality where women don't need men, and fish ride bicycles, "Bong Water" is one of the most popular flavors.
by Stark Reality March 13, 2008
Top Definition
Also known as Rushing the vote after radio host Rush Limbaugh asked listeners in Ohio and Texas to vote for Hillary Clinton to keep her in the race for the democrat nomination, with the hope that the Clnton and Obama camps will start to get nasty with each other.
Since the republican race was over, the republicans rushed the vote to give the win to Clinton in Texas and Ohio. The Republicans plan to continue their terrorist voting all the way 'till the convention.
by Ahdonye666 March 12, 2008
One bomb, one vote.
(no voting age. Also if it is a dud your vote will be revoked and you will be stoned)
Terrorist voting is the reason women are encouraged to vote.
by melgibson666 March 12, 2008
When a member of one political party intentionally votes in another party's primary in an attempt to nominate the candidate they feel will lose in an election, thus allowing the their true party-affiliation to win.
C-Money voted for Hillary in the primary, because he thinks there's no way she can beat McCain.

This is terrorist voting.
by Chachmo March 04, 2008
Any vote opposed by neocons or in favor of Palestinians or against Israel.
Yo dude yo see the terrorist voting at the UN? It was a 111 to 1 vote for a resolution condemning Israel's lastest bombing campaign against women and children. The lone U.S. vote stopped the terrorist voting dead in its tracks.
by Bushthefourth March 13, 2008
The description of 'terrorist voting' is already coined with the term 'crossover voting' (see Cynthia McKinney on Wiki). The entry that says you are only allowed to vote according to your registered voting status is incorrect, as you will see when you visit the above cited source. It may be that way in some states, but not all.
While running for Presidential nomination for the Democratic party in 2002, Cynthia McKinney was railroaded by crossover voting in the Georgia primaries, even though someone on Urban Dictionary called it 'Terrorist Voting'.
by The Steve and Only March 08, 2008
Technically this doesn't exist (geniuses), because terrorists vote through the barrel of a gun (to paraphrase Chairman Mao Tse Tung, who also coined the phrase "political correctness" during the Cultural Revolution in 1960s China). In short, terrorists don't find the political process to be worth their participation, so they commit acts of terrorism to terrorize people instead of voting like your rich f--king parents do.
Al Quida doesn't believe in terrorist voting, when it's so much easier to blow up a Jewish pizzeria or put nukes in the Super Bowl.
by Assex 776 March 08, 2008
In any election, the casting of a ballot by a terrorist.
Atta-ul Haq, a prominent al-Qaeda operative, voted in Pakistan's last democratic election, which was like 50 years ago. This exemplifies terrorist voting.
by Jose Mourinho March 07, 2008
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