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A terror group abusing the Muslim religion for their attacks on innocent people.
By connecting them to Muslim they made the people of the world think that there is a war between Islam and the rest of the world, and this way they gain more Muslim supporters as this becomes THEIR war, even thou this is just a "poor game" the terrorists enjoy playing.
Not even one single Muslim gained good from it.
Same being done by ex-Iraqi president- Sadam Husein, he keeps fighting and telling that the Muslim will win, when actually the Muslims of Iraq gain the most out of kicking him out of the throne.
Same is done by Al Qaeda.
Also the Palestinians terrorists use the "Islamic terror" to gain support, when actually they make alot of Palestinians suffer aithout a reason.
President G.W.B said that Islamic fundamentalists from Islamic Jihad did the terror attack, when actually they abused the name of Muhamed and his believers, so people won't get angry at them but on ALL THE MUSLIM WORLD.
by G.S. June 07, 2005
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