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the act of searching out for sexual or romantic pleasure those of Indian or similiar descent in order to satisfy one's brown fever
Hey, let's jump in Summit's car, pump up some tunes and go curry cruising since Chris has brown fever.
by Chachmo October 23, 2007
The act of creating a photo album on facebook dedidated to pictures of members of your entire family
"Hey, check out the new photos, looks like Larua had yodice fever over Thanksgiving."
by Chachmo November 26, 2007
When a member of one political party intentionally votes in another party's primary in an attempt to nominate the candidate they feel will lose in an election, thus allowing the their true party-affiliation to win.
C-Money voted for Hillary in the primary, because he thinks there's no way she can beat McCain.

This is terrorist voting.
by Chachmo March 04, 2008

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