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verb. have made an action resulting in a bout of social admiration and respect without a lot of effort.
synonyms-cool, hip, heavy, hectic, fabulistic, sick
hey dude your moustache is well brusque.
Female Genitalia
When Carl Became Clare they removed his penis, and added a brusque.

The first time Alexander saw a Brusque was during intercourse.
by MizPooner June 01, 2010
adj. looks like an ogre, generally a deuschbag and overall a person with an a-DICK-tive personality; crude and caveman-esque; tends to drink obsessively; hates people for no apparent reason
Mike was such a terrible boyfriend, he was such a brusque asshole.
by sueann737 January 01, 2008
Noun: to be one that has acheived or continues to achieve something memorable socially.
Verb: to be doing or to have done something excellent or fabalstic without much effort.
Synonyms- cool, hip, street,
1. Hey man what u just did was well brusque eh..
2. Oh dude, you are definetley a brusque.
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