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gang-bang sexual position in which the female can take in up to five schlongs with her two hands, mouth, anus, and vagina by bouncing from a squatting position and waving her arms back and forth.
kimmie: wow, i sure took in a lot of cocks last night!

joshua: oh i heard you did the terradactyl! shame i wasn't there to partake!
by j-money$$$ February 22, 2009
159 47
A sexual position in which a woman is secured to a ceiling fan and commences to suck on the schlong of a specific, lucky gentleman. The fan can be set on low, medium, or high depending on the desired intensity and skill level of the woman.
ME: bitch lets go jurrasic park style and terradactyl.

Bitch: Ok playa strap me up
by Papa Biggs March 13, 2009
50 51
when a girl is on her knees and a man croutches down naked and slaps the woman under the chin with his dick
last night i got that bitch with a terradactyl
by d.heath j.biggs July 17, 2009
12 58